This is when she found out that was the last Oreo in the house. I’m pretty upset too, but I’m managing to keep my shit together Holly.
Go Cousin Itt or go home.
I’ve heard the sequel is a real downer.

Anonymous asked: Is that really you? You're beautiful.

Yes, I really am Keaunu Reeves. Thank you.

My little yojimbo.

Anonymous asked: I ate a large pizza by myself. Are you proud of me mother?

I’m happy to call you my illegitimate son/daughter.


Just raccoon bros being raccoon bros. 

Anonymous asked: You're the reason why I got into heavy drugs.

By heavy drugs do you mean “Dunkaroos”?

by Brian Flint

By Mark Chilcott, from the 8 Bit and Beyond 2 exhibition.
The exhibition has just opened at Brooklyn’s Bottleneck Gallery, if you’re in the neighbourhood it looks well worth checking out.
Joker Card by Brian Flint

Bill Mudron tried to imagine how he could take the madness of Animal Crossing to the next level. His final thought was to give it an awesome Parks & Recreation spin. This mash up would probably be pretty damn fun to play.
Parks & Recreation Crossing by Bill Mudron (Store) (Flickr)
Totoro by Brian Flint